How does California Proposition 65 affect our products?

While PURE utilizes extracts and herbal ingredients in its products that are derived from plants grown in soil with trace amounts of lead, the lead is naturally occurring, and only at very low, non-harmful levels. In fact, even something as simple as chocolate can contain naturally occurring lead absorbed through the soil in which the cocoa plant grew.PURE prides itself on products made with only quality ingredients, and will continue to follow stringent manufacturing and quality assurance processes to ensure quality, safety, and compliance at all times.

Our products are regularly tested and evaluated for purity to reaffirm their effectiveness in providing the highest form of nutrition, absorption, and consistent results. The PURE Quality unit oversees all processes and procedures with regard to product quality, independent testing and compliance to all regulatory standards and entities.

California Proposition 65:

Proposition 65 (Prop 65) is a unique, California-only “right to know” law requiring products sold in California to include warning notices about potential exposure to any of more than 800 chemicals that the state of California believes can potentially cause reproductive harm or possibly lead to the development of cancer. This is true regardless of whether they are artificially added or naturally occurring in plants and herbs.

This law is in place to protect individuals in California from any detectable amount of a listed substance, even at levels that are far below those known to cause any actual harm, and far below any federal safety regulations.